About us

Our mission is twofold. Preserve birds, make people smile.
hiBirdie premier bird feeding solutions help achieve both.
Help feed a hungry bird, get endless joy in return.

Welcome to hiBirdie, your go-to paradise for premier bird feeding solutions!

Here, where avian wonders meet human joy, we weave a world of wild delight.

Our flagship product, a revolutionary, see-through window bird feeder, creates a magical connection between you and the charming birds.

At hiBirdie, our goal goes beyond merely feeding our lovely feathered friends. We aim to create moments of happiness, a million smiles to be precise, making each bird feeding session an unforgettable experience. As enchanting as birds are, we bring them closer, to your homes, one bird at a time.

Adorned with unique design & expert craftsmanship, our window bird feeder ensures to enhance the visual beauty of your backyard or window space.

You'd get to admire the vibrant cardinals, enthusiastic blue jays or charming chickadees right from the comfort of your living room, office or balcony.

Uninterrupted, safe, and thrilling views are now your personal joy! We are a proud bird feeding brand with an unfaltering commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Our advanced bird feeding products are not only designed for modern homes, but they are crafted with care to resonate with the passion of bird lovers.

Even if you're stepping into the wondrous world of bird feeding for the first time, we facilitate an easy and memorable journey. When you choose hiBirdie, you're not just buying a bird feeding product; you're entering a joyful community that cherishes the beauty of nature and the happiness it brings.

As we strive to draw more people into backyard bird feeding, we hope to inspire a love for nature and its splendid creatures.

Join the hiBirdie family, let's celebrate the joy of bird feeding, and make a difference - One bird at a time!

Contact information:
(424) 330-8674

Company information:
Zaza Digital LLC (the company operating hiBirdie)
30 North Gould Street
STE 4000
Sheridan, 82801, WY

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We treat our community like family. A place where anyone can ask questions as well as give and recieve support from others.