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Our mission is twofold. Preserve birds, make people smile.
hiBirdie premier bird feeding solutions help achieve both.
Help feed a hungry bird, get endless joy in return.

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Introducing hiBirdie Window Bird Feeder

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  • Built with love. Built to last.
  • Kids and furry friends can't get enough of our feeder.
  • Hassle-free installation process.
  • Cherish memorable birdwatching moments with loved ones.
  • Elegant design enhances your home décor.
  • Daily birdwatching contributes to your health.
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Blue Jay - an Inspiration for hiBirdie

Our Story

At hiBirdie, our dual mission is clear: safeguard our feathered friends and bring joy to people's lives.

We champion this cause by crafting superior bird feeding solutions and raising awareness about the crucial role of birds in our ecosystem. While one person might feel powerless against the declining bird populations, imagine the impact if we each took action, starting with our own backyards.

With just one of our feeders in your window, you can nourish over 250 birds monthly. Join our growing community of backyard bird enthusiasts.

Together, we can support bird conservation, create cherished moments, and even boost our own well-being. With hiBirdie as the bridge, we can make a world of difference.

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Customer Reviews


Mary Williams, 67

Watching the birds from my living room has been such a delight during those quiet days. And when my grandkids came over? They were absolutely captivated! It's been such a joy.


Shelby Mora, 56

It takes a couple of days for the birds to get used to the idea. It's a bit frustrating at first but once the birds get comfortable, they are a lot of fun to watch.


Mary Kline, 42

My kids LOVE this feeder! We sit and watch blue birds, cardinals, woodpeckers and more at launch every day.


Karen Kim, 48

Great product. Super fun to watch birds right from our living room.

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